YUN Restaurant

Yun comes from Yunnan, which is one of China's most important food regions. Rice noodles are Yunnan's most popular dish, eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Our Guo Qiao Rice Noodle dish dates back 300 years and cooks for 8 hours.


  • Meal For One (Rice Noodle) 米线单人套餐star_filled

    1 rice noodle + 1 side or dessert + 1 drink.

  • Su Rou Crispy Pork 炸酥肉 🌶star_filled

    Finely sliced Pork Belly coated in a moisture locking tempura based batter garnished with chilli flakes.

  • Ma La Tang 可以喝的麻辣烫 (Warm/温) 🌶star_filled

    Ma La Tang, the signature street food origins from Sichuan, Chongqing area in China, is full of hot and spicy-numbing taste. Yun's house-made 8h natural broth is used in this special ma La Tang, which means, you can totally drink the soup! Now just simply order at home, you can enjoy your individualised hot pot in minutes! Better to pair with our delicious Golden Rice!

  • Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles 过桥⽶线 (Warm/温)star_filled

    A thoroughly flavoured 8h broth made with chicken, crispy pork, fish, fresh vegetables and sweetened with fresh goji berries with a garnish of fragrant chrysanthemum petals.

  • Spicy and Sour Beef Rice Noodles 泡椒肥牛米线 (Warm/温)star_filled

    Thinly sliced beef cooked with pickled chilli, paper tofu, beansprouts and coriander in a spicy and sour sauce, super spicy and sour, a must-eat-rice-noodles in any weather!

  • Braised Beef Rice Bowl 红烧⽜⾁饭 🌶star_filled

    Chinese home-style braised beef rice bowl is now available at YUN! How do we cook it? Select the best beef shank and tendon, marinate with mixed spices such as Sichuan pepper, star anise, etc. and slow cook for 2 hours with YUN's super house-made soup. And that's it, our lip smacking beef stew! Served with roasted potatoes and golden rice, it's just so addictive, we bet you will say: "One more please!".