YUN Restaurant

Yun comes from Yunnan, which is one of China's most important food regions. Rice noodles are Yunnan's most popular dish, eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Our Guo Qiao Rice Noodle dish dates back 300 years and cooks for 8 hours.


  • Meal For One (Rice Noodle) 米线单人套餐star_filled

    1 rice noodle + 1 side or dessert + 1 drink.

  • Su Rou Crispy Pork 炸酥肉 🌶star_filled

    Finely sliced Pork Belly coated in a moisture locking tempura based batter garnished with chilli flakes.

  • Chicken Karaage Bites 盐酥鸡⽶花 🌶star_filled

    Crunchy and juicy chicken bites fried in tempura batter and garnished with YUN special chilli.

  • Spicy and Sour Beef Rice Noodles 泡椒肥牛米线 (Warm/温)🌶🌶🌶star_filled

    Thinly sliced beef cooked with pickled chilli, paper tofu, beansprouts and coriander in a spicy and sour sauce, super spicy and sour, a must-eat-rice-noodles in any weather!

  • Stewed Fish and Pickle Rice Noodles 酸菜豆花⻥米线 (GF) 🌶star_filled

    A traditional stewed white fish fillet with pickles and silky tofu served within an aromatic and flavoured broth and rice noodles.

  • Youtiao油条🥐(G) (V)star_filled

    A Chinese style fried dough stick, like a "croissant " is one of the most popular brunch item in china. Our lovely customers always come up with a lot of creative ways to enjoy our dishes. Youtiao is topped and to be a perfect match with our Spicy and Sour Beef Rice noodle, just simply dip it into the spicy soup to enjoy a very flavourable and juicy Youtiao. Come on, why not give it a try yourself😋.