Family-run Yara serves up a range of traditional Lebanese and Syrian dishes, like the succulent chicken Tawook. Since opening in 2009, it’s become wildly popular with locals and in 2017 it was rated Altrincham’s 3rd favourite restaurant.


  • Babaghanouj (v)star_filled

    Baked aubergine mashed with tahineh, garlic & yoghurt, mixed with chopped tomato, onions, parsley & pomegranate sauce topped with olive oil and served with pitta bread

  • Fattoush (v)star_filled

    Mixture of chopped tomato, spring onions, cucumber, radish, herbs, roasted bread & garlic, topped with fresh lemon juice & olive oil

  • Chicken Kebabstar_filled

    Chunks of chicken breast, marinated in white sauce, garlic herbs, grilled over charcoal (two skewers)

  • Mixed Kebabstar_filled

    Combination of chicken kebab, shish kebab, kaftah kebab, grilled over charcoal. Served on a bed of onion and parsley (three skewers)

  • Mujadara (v)star_filled

    Whole lentils & rice cooked in vegetable oil & spices, topped wth fried onions

  • Meal Deal for 2star_filled

    2 x Starters, 2 Mains & 2 Drinks