The home of handmade fresh pasta, thin crust pizza, protein packed salads, homemade sauces and dressings too. Choose your pasta shape and add any extras you like.


  • Carbonarastar_filled

    Bacon, onions, cream, Italian hard cheese, egg yolk, parsley

  • Cognacstar_filled

    Bacon, chicken, onions, spring onions, garlic, cognac, tomato sauce, cream, peas, Italian hard cheese

  • Gamberettistar_filled

    King prawns, tomatoes, spring onion, tomato sauce, fresh lemon

  • Chicken Alfredostar_filled

    Chicken breast, mushrooms, onions, cream, egg, Italian hard cheese

  • Gamberetti e Spinacistar_filled

    King prawns, onions, cream, Italian hard cheese, nutmeg, fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, basil pesto

  • Pasta Power ✊

    Includes one garlic bread, one pasta and one soft drink