Stressed spelt backwards.....desserts a coincidence? hmmm...we think not! Utterly delicious desserts, mouth watering milkshakes, scrumptious waffles & much more!


  • Brookiestar_filled

    Warm gooey brownie with strawberries, sandwiched between two freshly baked cookies, finished with the finest Belgian chocolate and a scoop of vanilla gelato

  • Strawberry Villastar_filled

    Belgian milk chocolate, strawberry slices, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

  • Treatz Ferrerostar_filled

    Belgian milk chocolate, Ferrero Rocher pieces, and chopped nuts served with soft ice cream.

  • Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie Doughstar_filled

    Warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie dough served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream finished with chocolate sauce.

  • Chocolate Bar Shakesstar_filled


  • Sushi Crepe

    A sweet Treatz twist to the classic oriental sushi dish! Our freshly prepared crepe and banana sushi rolls are served with a pot of our finest Belgian milk chocolate.