The Good Life Eatery

On a mission to make us eat ‘better, healthier, and happier’, The Good Life Eatery cooks up inventive breakfasts whose flavour is only matched by its healthiness. For a guilt-free indulgence, check out the Paleo Chestnut and Almond Waffles.


  • Acai Bowl 🤙 (GF) (VG)star_filled

    Acai, good life granola, banana, coconut flakes, blueberries

  • Juana Burrito (GF) (DF)star_filled

    Jerk chicken, brown rice, black beans, sweetcorn, tomato, kale, avocado, GF wrap and side side of mixed green salad with jalapeno dressing and vegan cheezy sprinkle.

  • Sunset Chopped (GF) (DF)star_filled

    Chopped gem, chopped chicken, tomato, edamame, crumbled bacon, hard boiled egg, herbs, dijon vinaigrette.

  • Me Gusta Ensalada (GF) (DF)star_filled

    Jerk chicken, chopped gem, kale, sweetcorn, tomato, black beans, avocado, pickled onion, vegan cheezy sprinkle, jalapeno dressing.

  • Man Bowl (GF) (DF)star_filled

    Shredded greens, roasted broccoli, pickled chilli, sesame seeds, teriyaki sauce, choice of grains and protein.

  • 🤯 Smoked salmon & cream cheese Croissant 🤯

    Spelt croissant, smoked salmon, cream cheese & chives