Son of Steak

Son of a Steak is a new fast and casual steak concept. Juicy slabs of juice beef cuts are seared over a traditional Josper charcoal grill, then smothered with your choice of rich sauce, like their beef dripping gravy, or the truffle mustard.


  • Flat Iron 8ozstar_filled

    Expertly cut out of the sweetspot of the chuck between the shoulder and the neck. Seared and basted in butter to get the ultimate steak candy and served pink, with and pinch of salt and sliced.

  • Rump 8ozstar_filled

    Prime British and Irish rump steak with a firm texture and rich flavour, best served medium.

  • Sirloin 8ozstar_filled

    Prime British and Irish sirloin cut from the loin, carefully trimmed and served sliced. Recommended medium rare.

  • Dirty Barbacoastar_filled

    Topped with special recipe pulled beef, nacho cheese sauce, crispy onion loaf and served with a pot of beef dripping gravy.

  • The Godfatherstar_filled

    Topped with finely sliced sirloin steak, onion loaf, smoked cheddar cheese and truffle mayo.

  • Vegan Chicken Style Wrap (VE), Skin on Fries (VE) and Choice of Soft Drink

    Available until 5pm. Choice of soft drink pepsi max, diet pepsi, tango and lemonade.