Delivering good old fashioned fish and chips since the 1950’s, Poppies is an East London classic. As well as traditional fish and chips why not try the spicy jellied eels - an Evening Standard favourite and great as a side or starter.


  • Cod and Chipsstar_filled

    Fried in groundnut oil.

  • Haddock and Chipsstar_filled

    Fried in groundnut oil

  • Large Codstar_filled

    Fried in groundnut oil

  • Sausage and Chips (battered)star_filled

    Fried in groundnut oil.

  • Cod Bites and Chipsstar_filled

    3pc Cod Bites served with Chips

  • 2x Regular Haddock and Chips and 2 Soft Drinksstar_filled