‘Kokoro’ translates to ‘heart’ and ‘soul’, and that’s precisely what this popular Korean chain puts into their food. Carefully sourcing all ingredients, then preparing all food onsite – Kokoro’s affordable sushi sets and curries are a winning formula.


  • Chicken Katsu Currystar_filled

    Batter-fried chicken thigh fillets with KOKORO curry sauce.

  • Sweet Chilli Chickenstar_filled

    Batter-fried chicken thigh mixed with sweet and chilli sauce.

  • Sweet Sour Chicken (Chinese Style)star_filled

    Batter-fried chicken thigh, onions, carrots, and bell peppers mixed with sweet and sour sauce.

  • Mix & Matchstar_filled

    Choose two toppings from hot food.

  • All Salmon Love Setstar_filled

    Salmon nigiri, salmon & avocado roll, salmon sashimi, salad, edamame, ginger, soy sauce, wasabi.

  • Kokoro Hot Meal Deal For 1 with Chicken Katsu Curry (rice)star_filled

    - Chicken katsu curry (rice) - Chicken gyoza set (5pcs) - Aloe drink