We loved hummus but couldn’t find anywhere to eat it in traditional style, in a bowl with a fresh warm pita on the side to rip & dip. With a load of innocence and passion, we set out to the streets of Leeds and people started to fall in love with Humpit!


  • Meal Deal for 4

    3 Hummus Bowls and Any 2 Sides to feed your family

  • Family Bundle (✨Meal Deals✨)

    2 hummus bowls(with falafels), 2 filled pita(with spicy kebab), 2 regular fries, 1 roasted cauliflower and tahini, 1 olive & aubergine salad and 4 drinks.

  • Meal Deal for 1

    Warm filled pita with falafel, hummus, salad, sauces and pickles with fries and a drink.

  • Sharing Mezze for two (VG)

    A hummus pot, 6 falafel balls, tahini and Amba sauce, a choice of 3 sides, 2 pita breads and 2 drinks

  • Sharing Mezze for four (VG)

    Two hummus pots, 12 falafel balls, tahini and Amba sauce, 6 sides of your choice, 4 pita breads and 4 drinks

  • Filled Pita (VG)

    Stuffed with hummus, falafel and fresh salads.