Chipotle, (CHIP-OAT-LAY) offer customisable gourmet burritos, bowls, & salads. These burrito experts only deal in the freshest, high-quality ingredients they can find and lovingly prepare them by hand every day using classic cooking techniques.


  • London Sport Bowlstar_filled

    This hearty bowl will satiate you even after the most intense workout. Made with brown rice, pinto beans, double chicken, fresh tomato salsa, cheese, and topped with lettuce. In partnership with London Sport, making London the most active city in the world.

  • Vegetarian (V)star_filled

    A bed of whole grain brown rice and braised pinto beans with sauteed fajitas peppers and onions, fresh tomato salsa, roasted chili-corn and cream, topped off with our freshly hand-mashed guacamole

  • Large Chips & Large Guacstar_filled

    A large portion of our classic chips & guac combo: a large portion of our crispy tortilla chips paired with a large fresh hand-mashed guacamole

  • Large Guac on the Side (VG)star_filled

    Grab a double side of our classic guacamole: ripe hass avocados, hand-mashed with lime juice, jalapeños, red onion, fresh coriander and salt.

  • Coronastar_filled

    Bottle - 330ml

  • Burritostar_filled

    Customise step-by-step your own and proper-delicious Burrito (flour tortilla). Our proteins have different flavour profiles that give different levels of spiciness. If you’re looking for our least spicy protein, we suggest Carnitas or Sofritas. For a medium-level spiciness, try our Chicken or Barbacoa. And if you want more spice still, give our steak a try!