Bulls Street Burgers

Inspired by the vivacity of street food culture, Bulls’ Burgers charges in full force! You’ll love the intensity of each uniquely named street burger. Their ingredients, although simple, are freshly sourced and of the highest quality. Including finest Beef, handmade brioche buns, and sauces that are super-bold and exclusive to the Bull’s brand. Ready to tame your appetite? Come challenge the beast, if you dare…


  • Build Your Own Burger!star_filled

    Get creative - select your patty & toppings. Chicken, Beef and Veggie. Choice of Toppings: American Cheese, Coleslaw, Caramelised onion, Chimichurri sauce, Blue cheese, Mayo, Ketchup, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, BBQ, Jerk, Peri peri, Buffalo.

  • Classic Bullseyestar_filled

    Handmade beef patty packed into a soft, brioche bun. With lettuce and mayo – a no-nonsense favourite. CF

  • The Predatorstar_filled

    Double-up with two handmade beef pattes, lettuce, sliced tomato, mayo, and slice of cheese. Packed into a brioche bun. CF

  • Bang Bangstar_filled

    Two fried chicken fillets packed into a handmade brioche bun. With lettuce, cheese, and mayo. CF

  • Beast Modestar_filled

    3 Piece fried wings tossed in a flavour of your choice.

  • Make it Bull Montystar_filled

    Add fries, drink and a dip to your burger.