These enthusiasts the science of Bubbleology down to a tee! Experiment with the astounding Bubble Tea flavours that have made them so famous – let them make a Rosemilk Tea for you, or create your own, with options for extra jellies and bobas.


  • 1 Plastic Bag

    For 1-4 drinks

  • 2 Plastic Bags

    For 5-8 drinks

  • 3 Plastic Bags

    For 9-12 drinks

  • Assam Milk Tea - Large

    Take a breath of fresh air from the valleys of Assam’s tea garden with every sip. Contains Milk.

  • Chocolate Milk Tea - Large

    Stay dark and chocolatey with our Chocolate milk tea! Contains Milk.

  • Coconut Milk Tea - Large

    Taste a pinch of heaven with our Coconut milk tea. Contains Milk.