Ban Di Bul

Serving up amazing food, Ban Di Bul sits in the heart of Manchester Central. With dishes you're guaranteed to love, order now for quick delivery!


  • 18 Hae Mul Pa Chunstar_filled

    Spring onion & mixed seafood pancake.

  • 23 Ddok Bo Kki (Spicy)star_filled

    Rice and fish cakes with vegetables simmered in a spicy sauce.

  • 63 Ggo Ri Gum Tangstar_filled

    Rich oxtail soup with rice.

  • 89 Bulgogistar_filled

    Sliced & marinated beef.

  • 93 Sam Giem Salstar_filled

    Sliced pork belly with pepper and sesame sauce.

  • L1 Dolsot Bibimbap

    Steamed rice with your choice of protein and vegetables in a hot stone bowl.