Ahi Poke

Hawaii's latest contribution to UK cuisine since pineapple on pizza - Ahi Poké introduces their fusion of sushi and ceviche, poké, which sees cubes of raw marinaded fish combined with superfoods such as black rice, kimchi cucumber and avocado.


  • Heat Wavestar_filled

    Quinoa, Salmon, avocado, kimchi cucumber, red onion, coriander - sriracha mayo sauce.

  • Salmonstar_filled

    Allergen : Fish.

  • Tunastar_filled

    Allergen : Fish.

  • Chipotle Chickenstar_filled

    Allergen : Soy.

  • Smoked Tofustar_filled

    Allergen : Soy.

  • Oahu

    Brown Rice, ahi tuna, red onion, radish, carrot, coriander - sesame shoyu sauce, and crispy onions.