American delivery in Cheltenham

Get inspiration from across the pond and trade your typical takeaway for a restaurant-quality American feast with Deliveroo. We’ve brought together the very best range of Stateside snacks and meals that the city’s eateries have to offer in our menu listings, meaning that all you need to do is peruse the choices, decide what to have and make your order. You’ll be tucking into your very own slice of Americana in next to no time.

American food has a lot to commend it, and it’s more versatile and varied than you might think. If you’re after a quick lunch or snack, there’s a lot on offer. Looking for a delicious dinner? No sweat. It’s also a perfect choice if you’re after a larger spread to feed a hungry crowd. There really is something to suit all tastes and occasions, and ordering from a high-grade eaterie with Deliveroo makes it easy.

The American dream comes to you in Cheltenham, thanks to Deliveroo

Perhaps the most quintessential American dish is the burger, which has undergone something of a renaissance in recent years. Nowadays, you can sink your teeth into juicy patties of high-quality meat, encased in a toasted brioche bun. A variety of fillings and flavourings are on offer, including cheeses such as cheddar, Monterey Jack and stilton. Or how about a rasher of sweetcure bacon? Served with skinny fries and relish, it’s a feast for the eyes at any time of day.

Great meat dishes are also an intrinsic part of the American dining experience. Whether you go for a juicy steak or succulent ribs, the key is taking the best-quality meat available and preparing it lovingly, with judicious seasoning. Again, fries and other accompaniments really set it off. For a deliciously different twist, you may want to try seasonings such as Cajun spice or barbecue sauce.

Another area where American food excels is dessert, so be sure to leave room for a slice of Mississippi mud pie, key lime pie, a brownie or similar. Whether you’re looking for a delicious meal for one or a spread to share with friends, make your order now – Deliveroo are here to help.