Vegetarian food delivery in St Andrews

Just because you’re on the vegetarian bandwagon doesn’t mean you’re limited for choice in the realms of delicious home delivered cuisine. On the contrary, vegetarians are more inclined to experiment in many different varieties of food, from all around the world, rather than sticking to the same old dishes. St Andrews is rapidly building its repertoire of vegetarian restaurants and eating dens, and we at Deliveroo aim to make home delivery both quick and easy for you.

When you think of vegetarian options, forget the mundane images of lettuce and celery sticks. Deliveroo are here to spice up your day with healthy and filling falafel wraps, filling vegetable lasagne or creamy and warming vegetable curries. Enjoy hot and sour soups, deep-fried tofu stir-fries, or sweet slices of cheesecake for dessert. There's nothing stopping you from eating St Andrews' best restaurant food at home.

St Andrews: A treasure trove of vegetarian choices

Meat may no longer be on the menu but why should that exclude you from ordering some great tasting foods? Vegetarian food should never mean compromise when it comes to flavours. Deliveroo have gathered together an exceptional vegetarian choice for the plant based connoisseur who strives for something new and exciting in their culinary life.

Amazingly healthy soups mean you’ll be able to enjoy healthy food without missing out on the flavour. Vegetarianss should also consider Mexican dishes. Nachos dripping with melted cheese, hot bean tacos and enchiladas filled with chili and beans make for delicious dinnertime dishes. And don’t forget classic veggie burgers - you can get them made with beans or vegetables, portobello mushrooms or slices of halloumi. There's so much innovation and variety that meat eaters might start getting jealous.

For dishes from further afield, classic falafels are a top choice from the Middle East. Indian food is full of vegetarian options, while Chinese and Japanese dishes often use tofu or vegetables in place of meat. Discover a whole new world of vegetarian food through Deliveroo: order now and get a delicious takeaway brought straight to your door.