Vegetarian food delivery in St Albans

We all know the feeling – you’re out somewhere really nice, but there’s only one veggie option on the menu. Deliveroo wants to put a stop to that. We’ve scoured St Albans’ best vegetarian and veggie-friendly restaurants so we can bring the most delicious takeaways to your front door.

Order a heaving mezze platter from your favourite Greek restaurant and let the flavours of lemon and garlic and olive oil transport you to the sapphire-blue Aegean sea, as you feast on hummus and dolmades, tzatziki and juicy stuffed peppers. Greek not your scene? There’s a myriad of other choices for veggie-friendly takeaways in St Albans. Try a fresh and fiery Thai curry, packed with tofu and crisp, green vegetables, or a sour and zingy green papaya salad. Just order what you fancy from our online menu listings.

St Albans: Vegetarian cuisine that tastes like a dream

Head to China without stepping outside your front door with our selection of Chinese dishes. What about delicate dim sum, filled with crunchy bamboo and rich shiitake mushrooms? You don’t need to stick to egg-fried rice and steamed veg when there’s fragrant, rich sea-spiced aubergine on offer, and mapo tofu, with fluffy clouds of tofu in a fiery chilli sauce flavoured with lip-tingling Sichuan pepper.

Why not try Indian food? It’s one of the most veggie-friendly cuisines there is. Go for a rich, hearty dahl, spiked with cumin and chilli, or a paneer tikka, smoky from the tandoori oven. Or, what about chana masala, chickpeas simmered in a richly spiced gravy, or a majestic vegetable biriyani coloured with saffron? Soak up all that sauce with a sweet peshwari naan, packed full of coconut and almond.

Or, go for something big and hearty, like for a rich and cheesy cauliflower with a side of root vegetables, or a massive meat-free Yorkshire pudding for a proper British Sunday lunch. With Deliveroo, all your vegetarian dreams can come true: eat fantastic food from around the world with the click of a button, and order online today.