Vegetarian food delivery in Southampton 

Who says vegetarian food has to mean limited choices? Not us, that’s for sure! We at Deliveroo have compiled a plethora of vegetarian menus and dishes from the best restaurants in the area for your delectation. Have a look at our online vegetarian food listings for Southampton to see what’s available. 

Now remember that with Deliveroo you don’t need to fret about dining out. We’re all for dining in, whether that means getting cosy on the sofa or laying the table, lighting some candles and dressing up. However you want to go about it, we just want you to have a good time. That’s why we do what we do. A Deliveroo delivery is no average takeaway. When you order with us you’re getting a top-quality restaurant meal. The only difference is that you eat it in your own home. So get to it! 

Southampton: Very good vegetarian cuisine

Everyone remembers the days when being vegetarian in Britain meant having to make do with a small selection of dreary dishes. Well, that’s changed now. The attitude is different and in Southampton there are some superb vegetarian options that we are proud to be able to deliver. 

Mexican cuisine offers some excellent choices. The absolute classic has to be the Mexican bean chilli. Sometimes using three, four and even five different kinds of bean, it offers all the heartiness of a chilli con carne. The beans provide a substantial texture and very satisfying meal, and in fact, this dish is such a hit that meat-eaters are often tempted away from their usual habits to get involved.  

Alternatively, Italian food is a nice direction to go in. From the simple pasta pomodoro to the creamy spinach and ricotta ravioli, there’s a plentiful supply of meat-free options. Of course, there’s always pizza too. With the likes of soft artichoke or sweet roasted pepper as toppings, this a very tempting option. It goes without saying that this is only a little pointer. The best approach is to check out our menus and choose your perfect meal!