Vegetarian food delivery in Guildford

Previously, being vegetarian was a tricky business, but now it’s a totally different story. Before, if you didn’t eat meat then hunting out specialist shops and restaurants was hard work. These days there are so many different veggie eateries and products that meat-free dining is a pleasure, not a chore. Look through Deliveroo’s vegetarian menu choices for Guildford and choose from a wide variety of dishes.

The standard of vegetarian cuisine in the UK is now so high that even dedicated meat-eaters can sometimes be convinced to enjoy what’s on offer. The great thing is that with a Deliveroo takeaway you can enjoy it all from the comfort of your home. Forget going out to a restaurant to enjoy high quality food and let us bring the best restaurant cuisine to you. Just choose your meal, send your order and wait for our dedicated delivery team to arrive.

Guildford: Vegetarian cuisine at its finest

Guildford doesn’t disappoint when it comes to meat-free dinner options. Maybe it’s that lovely, clear Surrey air that does it, we don’t know exactly, but what is certain is that the area boasts some divine vegetarian food.

A fine example is the classic veggie burger. With a patty of tofu, lentils and juicy red pepper and a beautiful brioche bun, the whole assembly is perfectly finished with a little rocket and a lot of mayo. Served up with skinny fries or chunky chips, this makes a great lunch or dinner option. Be advised that it gets a bit messy - but that’s part of the pleasure!

If you’re after something a bit more adventurous, something that’ll really tickle those taste buds, then anything with an Indian influence is a safe bet. Since parts of Indian culture have been vegetarian for centuries, some well-established meat-free dishes are simply part and parcel of the country’s traditions. Take for instance the masoor dal curry. This uses lentils with garlic, cumin and turmeric and minced ginger gives it a fresh kick. We can’t decide for you, but whatever you go for, we just know it’ll taste fantastic.