Vegetarian food delivery in Ellesmere Port

Ellesmere Port, being in the heart of the countryside, has a population that knows a lot about cooking and cultivating vegetables. Deliveroo will bring you the best dishes the local food industry has to offer. Now, you’re at liberty to choose what you want and when you want it. Here at Deliveroo, we strive to find the best restaurants in Ellesmere Port to cater for your meat-free needs – and we’ll bring your order directly to you, just as fresh as when it came out of the kitchen.

Say you’ve gone through our vegetarian listings and fancy an Indian takeaway. That’s fine with us. It’s not all about the chicken tikka massala and the lamb biryani. Why not order a delicious vegetable saag of spinach, fresh onions and herbs or instead, a vegetable bhuna, or a hot and fiery balti. There’s just so much to choose from!

Ellesmere Port: king of the countryside

With all the fresh fruit and vegetables roaming around the lush, green north-west countryside, it would be a shame to at least not try and order some. So why not treat yourself to a British-born and made mushroom and spinach risotto. The fusion of English and Italian food will really get your juices flowing. If it’s solely Italian you’re after and you’re a lover of perfect pasta, then ordering a chilli-based penne giardiniera could be just the ticket for you. Incidentally, you have to believe us when we say that the fried spinach balls it’s accompanied by are truly heavenly.

If it’s another type of European food that you’re looking for tonight, then Greece is the word for you. Imam bayildi is not a meal you will probably have encountered before but after tucking into your juicy portion of oven-baked onion, garlic and parsley-stuffed aubergines, you will never forget it again.

Have this as well as fresh bread with homemade tzatziki and hummus and you will be as stuffed as the peppers that you’ll order next time you buy with Deliveroo. Just visit our online vegetarian listings to find a wealth of cuisines and selections – and take your pick.