Vegetarian food delivery in Durham

Meat-free meals are far from dull these days. There are more vegetarians than ever, and many people are opting for more veggie meals when they go out to eat. While you may have a favourite vegetarian restaurant in Durham already, at Deliveroo we believe in bringing you the same high quality food for home delivery.

We work with the best restaurants in Durham, across many different cuisines, who offer glorious vegetarian food. Have a look at our listings and you’ll see there are so many dishes to choose from, ranging from super-hot curries to fresh and tasty food from the Mediterranean. Whether you’re ordering in for a dinner party or just for you, you’ll find the perfect dish with us. Just order online and we’ll bring your restaurant quality takeaway all the way to your door, as fast as possible.

Durham: Eat the finest vegetarian cuisine from around the globe

Meat is not a mandatory ingredient for a delicious dish. Whether it's colourful rainbow kebabs - made of marinated fruits, vegetables and cottage cheese roasted over a BBQ grill - or a ricotta, leek and pea quiche, you can order finger-licking vegetarian food from Durham's finest restaurants.

If you feel like Mexican food, try a sweet potato and black bean burrito or a vegetarian chilli topped with loaded tortillas. Or if you’re in the mood for more spice, then you could go for Indian food. Ideal for vegetarians, a lot of authentic Indian dishes concentrate only on vegetables, spices and herbs. Try chana zor garma, a spicy chickpea curry, served with pilau rice and a naan bread on the side.

You may be more in the mood for Italian food, with its milder but totally delicious flavours. Go for something simple like a Margherita pizza, with an authentic thin base. The crispy base comes from the skilled chef hand stretching the dough and then baking it in a wood fired oven. Layer some delicious toppings, ranging from mozzarella, tomato and basil to endless vegetables, and enjoy your meat-free treat.