Vegetarian food delivery in Basingstoke

All across the UK it’s never been easier to find delicious, restaurant quality vegetarian dishes when eating out. And, thanks to Deliveroo, the same restaurant quality is available for home delivery. We work with the best restaurants across Basingstoke, whether they are vegetarian only, or restaurants that offer vegetarian fare on their mixed menus, to offer you a wide variety of dishes to choose from.

Simply check out our vegetarian section for Basingstoke, and decide which dishes you’d like. You’ll see that there are lots of cuisines from all across the world to choose from, so you’ll be able to please all of your guests. Order online with us, and we’ll rush your takeaway delivery to your home, just as soon as we can. We’ve made the ordering process as simple as possible, and we’re confident the trickiest part will be deciding which dishes to order.

Basingstoke: A world of vegetarian cuisine awaits

If you’re looking for vegetarian dishes for a large group of people, go for a Lebanese mezze. This is basically a mix of loads of different dishes, from the very simple (flatbreads, hummus and olives) to more complex vegetable specialities from this wonderful Middle Eastern cuisine. With every dish shot through with the distinctive and aromatic flavours of the region, including lots of lemon, garlic and olive oil, it’s a delicious way to feed your friends.

Or, perhaps you just want something to enjoy in front of the TV, all by yourself. If you want something simple, authentic and tasty, go for Italian. From authentic thin crust pizzas, with their hand stretched bases baked in wood fired ovens and toppings including mozzarella, fresh basil and plump tomatoes, to comfort food at its best in a vegetarian lasagne, there’s loads to enjoy. Chuck in some tiramisu or panna cotta as an after-dinner treat, and you’re set.

Maybe you’d like to spice up your dinner with some Indian food. With so many vegetarian options that don’t scrimp on spice, taste and flavour, you’ll have so much to choose from. Add in some steaming pilau rice, papadums and naan to complete your meal.