Vegetarian food delivery in Aberdeen

The vegetarians in Aberdeen - say local nutritionists and dieticians - are the healthiest of all. But hey, you don't have to go meat-free to enjoy a delicious plant-based meal. This once bland cuisine has moved on light years from those predictable dishes of the past. You’ve got more happening on the plate nowadays than just stuffed peppers and vegetable lasagnas. Order a nice kidney bean curry or a delicious plate of vegetarian BBQ. As for masala frittatas served with avocado salsa, well, they'll have you screaming for more. Let Deliveroo collect your veggie food from a takeaway restaurant of your choice. Your only job is to set the table.

Want the kids to eat more fruits and veggies? Get them a spinach and egg veggie pizza with a side serving of skinny carrot fries. Stuffed jacket potatoes will have any youngster running to the kitchen.

Aberdonians spoilt for fresh vegetarian dishes

Not every Aberdonian is a vegetarian, but a lot of Scots enjoy delicious veggie meals. Scotland, after all, is one of the world's natural larders, with a never-ending supply of fresh produce. Aberdeen, and other cities around Scotland, boasts some of the finest vegetarian restaurants in the UK.

Satisfy your green cravings with a zucchini carpaccio - a real dish for the senses. Indulge in the ultimate veggie Tex-Mex dish, chickpea fajitas, served with pickled salsa, harissa cream and classic guacamole. Weight watchers have a plethora of tasty options too. Asparagus and new potato frittata is a simple dish but one that packs a powerful flavour punch. Miso-glazed zucchini is another low-calorie, low-fat meal with truly delectable umami flavours.

Every good vegetarian restaurant in Aberdeen has a plethora of choices for soup and salad lovers. A winter-warming artichoke, blood orange and feta cheese salad is full-bodied and packed with flavour. A tasty broad bean, mint and barley salad with nuts and goat's cheese is a food-lover's delight. Spinach soup with watercress, and sweet potato and lentil soup are simply scrumptious. When you're ready to order, Deliveroo is ready to fetch.