Order Thai takeaway from nearby Stoke-on-Trent restaurants

Have you had enough of ordering Indian curries lately? As classic a takeaway choice as it is, we understand. However, you’re still very much in the mood for eating curry. And why wouldn’t you be?! It reliably satisfies with its rich, big flavours and warming spices. Have you considered an order of Thai food? As a curry cuisine, Thailand’s food is very much on the money. So to give you some variation, how about exploring Thailand’s rich cuisine? We don’t think you’ll regret it! 

Deliveroo wants to take the hassle out of experiencing good new foods. Whereas going out to a restaurant can seem like a big event which requires lots of boring planning, a takeaway is a far more spontaneous way to get some great food on your table. And having something great in front of you to eat doesn't have to become a difficult or time-consuming process. 

Try Thai in Stoke

Every country has their own unique set of cornerstone flavourings which characterise their most popular dishes. Thailand is no exception, and herein you’ll find a unique range of ingredients which give Thai food its personality. The very popular Thai red and green curries are flavoured with the exotic, pungent flavours of lemongrass, coriander leaves and galangal chilli. For a final zing, Thais, in much the same way as Mexicans, love adding freshly squeezed lime juice to finish off a dish and give it an extra tang. 

Within any one Thai dish, you could be getting rich, nutty flavours, a tangy lime burst, or hints of chilli. This is true of Thailand’s most popular fare, which includes pad Thai – coated noodles tossed with toasted peanuts and finely-chopped coriander; coconut soup – typically featuring chicken, this dish is often creamy with a subtle chilli kick within its flavour profile; and chilli beef salad, a filling starter sure to get your taste buds tingling. 

Chefs around Stoke are on hand to deliver some authentic Thai food to your door. Once you’ve ordered with a few clicks, one of our professional delivery riders will be on the way with a delight for you tonight!