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We all know how delicious Chinese food can be, but have you considered other Asian cuisine options? The food of Thailand comes with its own array of uniquely piquant, rich and creamy yet surprisingly light curry dishes. How about enjoying these authentic foods in the comfort of your own home? Our service here at Deliveroo is simple – order online with us and we’ll bring your restaurant quality takeaway delivery right to your door.

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Southport: Discover Thai tastes

Aside from curries there are numerous noodle dishes, spicy seafood soups and meats dressed in a fine array of sauces, including the popular peanut-based satay. With its typical base of coconut milk, some of Thailand’s most popular dishes like red or green curries are wholesome, refreshing and healthy. A splash of lime juice and a handful of coriander make these dishes zing.

Pad thai is a firm favourite both in Thailand and in the UK. This fried noodle dish includes handfuls of toasted peanuts, lending this decadent creation a range of different mouthfeels and flavours, combining to deliver an unforgettable taste experience. It has a sweet tamarind sauce and is generally served with chicken and prawns, although there are vegetarian versions available.

Overall this is simple, fast food prepared in an exceptional way, with bold flavours to give a distinct and unique taste. Thailand is also known for its tom yum goong – a light and distinctive soup that would make an ideal starter to any Thai food feast. With juicy prawns, galangal and chilli, this would be a great starter for the chilli-heads out there. Now all you need to do is decide what you want to eat!