Order Thai takeaway from nearby Southampton restaurants

Over the last few years Thai food has really taken off in the UK. You’ll often see big, bubbling pots of Thai curry in food markets and one smell of this aromatic cuisine is enough to get you hooked. We’ve located some of the tastiest Thai restaurants in Southampton so have a look at our menus and get those taste buds tingling today.

Whatever you choose from our Thai selection, one thing you won’t need to worry about is hanging about for a table. We at Deliveroo think that eating out is madness when you could have brilliant restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own surroundings. Dining in is what it’s all about and with our top tier takeaway dishes you may never leave the house again! Just have a good read of the menus, make some delicious choices and order that meal. Let the taste experience commence.

Southampton: Tantalising Thai in the blink of an eye

The great thing about Thai food is all the wonderful aromas it gives off. The fragrant smells are better than any perfume and, of course, far more delicious! Southampton’s restaurateurs are well up on this relative newcomer to the UK culinary scene and offer some really delightful dishes for delivery through us.

The go-to Thai dish has to be Thai green curry. Using coconut milk as the main ingredient in the sauce, the result is an extremely creamy curry that is totally different to many of the very well-known Indian curries. This creaminess is paired with citrus freshness from kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass and is finished off with Thai fish sauce to make the whole thing very moreish. Available as a meat or vegetable curry, this works well for all palates.

For something a bit different, gai pad thoa dum is a stir fried chicken dish that comes with mushrooms, red pepper and black bean sauce. With the chilli involved in this one, it can be a little on the hot side. See krong moo is a great pork dish. Spare ribs marinated with garlic and soy sauce are barbecued to create an incredible smoky flavour.