Order Thai takeaway from nearby Sheffield restaurants

Thankfully, thanks to Sheffield’s diverse dining scene, when you crave the flavours of South-east Asia you don’t have to jump on a long-haul flight! If you want to have the sunshine-filled aromas and tastes of Thailand in your home, you can browse Deliveroo’s online Thai restaurant listings for Sheffield and order a Thai banquet for delivery. Sooner than you think, our dedicated delivery staff will bring it directly to your door.

With Deliveroo bringing you the city’s Thai restaurant menus, it means you can have the best Thai food for takeaway. Just order online for dishes of vivid Thai green curry, a peanut and chilli-topped pad thai, a fiery red curry with jasmine-infused rice, spicy prawns, braised duck with egg noodles, roast pork in an aromatic broth, a heavenly wonton soup with dumplings filled with pork and spring onions or a creamy coconut soup with Thai basil.

Enjoy the finest Thai takeaway in town with home delivery in Sheffield

Deliveroo have partnered with Sheffield’s best Thai restaurants, so when you order from our selection of menus, you get first-rate dishes delivered straight into your hands. Sooner than you think, your home will be filled with the aromatic scents of Thai basil, lime leaves, coconut, tangy lemongrass and punchy coriander!

So, browse online and order from the choice available with a few clicks. You can have a crunchy pad thai with succulent prawns, shallow-fried tofu with stir-fried vegetables, rich red or green coconut curries served with sticky or jasmine-scented rice, beautiful northern Thai broths with fresh spring vegetables, spicy chicken with lime leaves, wonton soup with delicate pork and spring onion-filled dumplings, or pickled Chinese cabbage with pork ribs.

If you want to end the meal with something sweet, don’t forget to order dessert. Thailand has some gorgeous delicacies like Thai custard tarts, stuffed pumpkin and delicious caramelised deep-fried banana served in a banana leaf. Thai food that you can eat at home without lifting a cookbook is sure to put a smile on your face! Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a feast for friends, Thai has the range to satisfy.