Order Thai takeaway from nearby Nottingham restaurants

Thailand, with its tropical beaches, ancient ruins, and ornate temples, is as exotic a country as any. Despite this, its largest contribution to the world at large may be its vast, colorful cuisine. Influenced by its landscape, Thai cuisine is rich in flavours of lime and coconut, but that hardly tells the whole story. Thai food has an uncanny ability to satisfy every preference under the sun, from sweet and spicy to savoury.

Nottingham, you’re no stranger to the pleasures of Thai food, and its ability to transport your mouth to faraway lands. You’re also familiar with the Thai restaurant experience, though — where the lines are long, the crowds are boisterous, and the experience generally detracts from the centerpiece: the food. You deserve better. Now, with Deliveroo’s website and smartphone app for takeaway delivery service, terrific Thai is only a few taps of your smartphone away.

Nottingham: Deliveroo brings you Thai curry in a hurry

With Deliveroo, selections from the best Thai restaurants in the Nottingham area are made available directly on your smartphone, or on Deliveroo.com. The process is simple: choose items that suit your fancy, from tom Kha gai (coconut, chicken and lime) soup to phat wun sen (mixed veggie and fried noodle dish), and submit your order. In no time, our team-member will arrive at your front door with your freshly prepared Thai cuisine!

Thai food takes cues from other worldly cuisines, but the resulting dishes are all their own. You’ll never find another dish quite as savory or complex as a gang keow wan, a soupy blend of green curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, chicken, eggplant, and savoury Thai herbs like lemongrass, galangal, and lime leaves.

It’s said that one of the first thing visitors are asked upon arriving in Thailand is, “Have you eaten yet?” Obviously, Thailand places an emphasis on its cuisine. That’s an idea Deliveroo can get behind! We’ll make it our goal to deliver enough red, green, and yellow curries to your door to make sure that you get your Thai food fix — and we’ll make sure to bring enough jasmine rice to go with it!