Order Thai takeaway from nearby Newcastle restaurants

Go back 20 years and you’d be hard pushed to find a Thai restaurant outside of London. Today, there are excellent Thai restaurants in every city across the UK. And in Newcastle Upon Tyne, there’s a plethora of excellent Thai and Thai fusion eating places. Deliveroo have teamed up with the best of them in most areas of the city to bring you the chance to order restaurant quality Thai food and have it delivered right to your house.

Thai cuisine brings a touch of the exotic to your meal and a bit of a celebratory feel to your takeaway. All you need to do is have a look through our Thai listings and decide what you want to eat. That’s the trickiest bit done! Order online and we’ll drop your delivery off just as soon as we can. No shopping, no traffic, no cooking and absolutely no hassle.

Newcastle: Thai food is taken seriously in the north

If you’re ordering in for a big group of friends and family, you have a great excuse for choosing loads of different dishes and having everyone dig in and share. Thai cuisine incorporates flavours and styles from several different cuisines, including Chinese and other Southern Asian. It’s also considered really healthy in general, with a minimal use of red meat, and plenty of fresh rice, fish, veggies, herbs and spices.

As the taste is so fantastically exotic and different, it doesn’t feel like healthy food, which makes it perfect for a meal when you’re treating yourself. Thai curries are, of course, hugely popular. Choose from red (very hot and spicy), yellow (uses lots of turmeric) and green (lime and coriander give it a recognisable and aromatic flavour).

If you want noodles, then Pad Thai is delicious and doesn’t come with the high levels of spice of the curries. The combination of flat rice noodles, chicken, prawns, beansprouts and egg, comes with sweet tamarind sauce and crushed peanuts. It’s also great for vegetarians, as there are loads of dishes that either don’t use meat or use a substitute like tofu, so you’re going to be able to please all your guests!