Order Thai takeaway from nearby Milton Keynes restaurants

Thinking of trying some indescribably delicious Thai food? With Deliveroo, there are multiple Thai food takeaway delivery options that will coax you into a Thai-related food coma. Get intrigued by some mu pad phrik pork, which is quite the mouthful both to say and eat, but considering it’s a stir fry concoction of marinated pork, sliced chillis, onion and garlic, we’re sure you’ll love it, especially when you can place an order online from the comfort of your sofa.

Milton Keynes is quickly becoming a Thai food hotspot with an ever-increasing number of Thai restaurants opening. Delve into the depths of Asia and try something that will have your palate exploding in all directions, like kai phad priew wan or tom yum, and with Deliveroo the process of ordering a takeaway is as easy as Thai...(er, we meant pie).

Milton Keynes: Thai is worth a try with Deliveroo

It’s no secret that Thai food is quickly becoming a takeaway and delivery must, and this couldn’t be more true in Milton Keynes. With a rising number of Thai food restaurants opening across the city, Deliveroo are here to make sure it reaches you as swiftly as possible. We remove the hassle of getting dressed and going out, and create a personalised at-home dining experience for each of our customers.

Explore Thailand by ordering ped makham, a marinated duck breast that’s grilled over charcoal and served with Chinese broccoli, or try a sizzling sirloin steak marinated in ground pepper and oyster sauce, known as neua yang. If you’re a curry lover, order kaeng pa (jungle curry), which is a traditional northern hot curry with bamboo shoots and krachai, and a lot more of the good stuff that will have you ordering every other night of the week.

It’s a tough decision, choosing takeaway delivery these days, but when your mind is made up, we step in and ensure there’s no time for it to change. With riders at the ready, we’ll have that little piece of Thailand at your door in no time.