Order Thai takeaway from nearby London restaurants

Londoners have always been fortunate that they can take a gastronomic tour of Thailand without leaving the city, and now you don’t even need to leave your own house thanks to the Deliveroo Thai section for the city. We uncover the most tempting Thai treasures that the city’s restaurants have to offer and bring them together in one place, for a great alternative to your usual takeaway. All you need to do is decide where your taste buds will take you today, order online and we’ll do the rest.

There really is a huge diversity of Thai food on offer in London, so you’re bound to find the perfect dish for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a quick, filling lunch, a luxurious dinner to celebrate the end of the week, or a feast to share with hungry friends, there will be something to fit the bill.

London: Get the finest Thai cuisine brought to your door by Deliveroo

Nothing is hotter in London at the moment than Thai street food. There is a huge variety available, from well-known chicken satay and Thai fishcakes to more unusual regional offerings for when you’re feeling adventurous. It’s the perfect choice for sharing with friends, and is particularly good when washed down with a refreshing Thai beer.

Of course, curries are a staple of Thai cuisine, and whether you choose red, yellow or green, you’re sure to get a satisfying bowl of goodness. Noodle dishes such as the famous pad Thai, seasoned with nam pla and crushed peanuts, are also perennial favourites that never fail to hit the spot. Another Thai classic not to overlook is tom yum soup, with its distinctive hot and sour taste.

If you’re looking for an upscale treat, Thai cuisine can rival the best in the world, with exquisitely flavoured and beautifully garnished meat, fish and vegetable dishes on offer. Exotic fruits such as papaya and mango add to the decadence, for a banquet fit for a king or queen.