Order Thai takeaway from nearby Lancaster restaurants

When you’re looking for a meal with a fragrant aroma, a delicate blend of spices and exquisitely balanced flavours, you’re looking for Thai food. Constantly growing in popularity in the UK, Thai has been a mainstay of the restaurant trade for the last 20 years. A more exotic treat than Chinese, Thai food concentrates on fresh ingredients and nuanced tastes from complex spice combinations.

This intricate flavour base is what makes Thai tricky to cook well. Instead of slaving away over the stove to provide a feast for your loved ones, it’s much more fun to order in from your favourite restaurant. Deliveroo have the balance just right – we can drop off your Thai delivery from one of the many premium restaurants in Lancaster. All you need to do is decide what you want for your takeaway. Although, we can offer some advice on that too.

Find your perfect Thai banquet in Lancaster with Deliveroo

Eating Thai food is always a bit of a special experience. There’s something about the flavour combinations and exotic nature of the ingredients that lends itself to a celebratory feast. If you are ordering in for guests at a dinner party or celebration, it’s always good to branch away from tried and tested favourites and try something new. Thai food lends itself to sharing; order lots of smaller dishes to share among your guests – or keep it all to yourself if you prefer!

For an authentic taste of Thailand, start your meal with tom yum goong. This popular spicy prawn soup gets its distinctive aroma and flavour from lemongrass, lime juice and galangal. If you’re not keen on super spicy, try the less fiery version, tom kha gai (coconut soup with chicken).

A great, milder main is Thai red curry. Coconut infused and aromatic without being too hot, it’s usually made with meat, although you can get a veggie version as well. Or you could go for a noodle dish like pad thai. This absolutely delicious concoction of chicken, prawns, beansprouts and noodles in a sweet sauce is scrumptious! There’s plenty to choose from.