Order Thai takeaway from nearby Guildford restaurants

Thai food has taken the UK by storm and is now an extremely popular choice of cuisine. In fact, you’ll often see big pots of Thai curry bubbling away in food markets across the nation – that’s if you don’t smell them first as Thai food is all about the amazing aromas. If you’re enticed, have a look at our restaurant and menu options for Thai food in Guildford – you’ll be impressed!

From fragrant curries and sticky rice to delicately steamed dumplings, Thai food is a real treat for the taste buds. The biggest treat of all though is that with Deliveroo you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to go out to a restaurant as we bring exquisite dining to you. Check out the menus, place your order and wait for our delivery. It’s a truly top Thai takeaway.

Guildford: Serving up the aromatic taste of Thailand

Guildford has a knack for serving up great food from around the globe and Thai cuisine is no exception. Through dedication and passion, the town’s chefs have mastered their art and cook up some amazing dishes.

The most popular curry is known in the UK simply as Thai green curry. It’s very different to a typical Indian curry as the emphasis is more on freshness than heat, though it does contain chilli pepper and can in fact be very hot. The base of the sauce is coconut milk so the dish is very creamy and it is seasoned with kaffir lime leaves and lime zest for a light, fragrant flavour. Finally, an umami taste from the powerful fish sauce makes you keep coming back for more.

Like the green curry, Thai soups are great for both vegetarians and meat eaters as they can be made with meat or vegetables. If you’re after a heart-warming broth packed full of goodness, then a noodle soup is perfect. Tom yum is a hot and sour soup with rice noodles and mixed vegetables. With all the goodies in this dish it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.