Order Thai takeaway from nearby Exeter restaurants

Is there anything more pleasing to the palate than Thai food? This international cuisine incorporates sweet, spicy, and savoury flavours into delectable dishes and soups. Its uniqueness is both good and bad: the bad news is that when you’re craving Thai food, nothing else will do; the good news is that Deliveroo is here to help satisfy your cry for Thai!

The only thing better than Thai food is takeaway Thai, and that’s exactly what Deliveroo offers; your closest Thai restaurant is only a website away. Simply pull up Deliveroo on your computer or smart phone, and enter the exotic world of Thai food—everything from satay gai to pad Thai. Once your order is sent, our riders will go to action to fetch you Thai on the fly. If you prefer delivery, let us bring your mee krob or tom kah gai soup directly to your door.

Exeter: Thai cuisine is terrific with Deliveroo

Though Exeter has a rich history dating back thousands of years, its culinary varieties continue to evolve. Today, your storied city on the banks of the River Exe is home to excellent Thai cuisine—and Deliveroo is here to unite you with it. Need a hot coconut lime soup to warm you up on a chilly Exeter afternoon? Done. How about a Thai curry dish to wake up your palate and jumpstart your weekend? We’re on it!

Placing your order through Deliveroo is as simple as “rad na gai”. Simply go to Deliveroo’s site or app, choose any one of Exeter’s spectacular Thai food spots, and send your request out. Then sit back, get comfortable, and prepare for your Thai infusion. (Pro tip: If you ordered something with extra “Thai spice”, perhaps utilise this time to get a glass of ice water ready!).

Exeter’s international cuisine is expanding every day, and we at Deliveroo endeavour to bring restaurant-style meals to you, country-by-country and dish-by-dish. What better place to start than Thailand? What better time to start than now?