Order Thai takeaway from nearby Aberdeen restaurants

Craving a tasty authentic Thai dish? Longing, perhaps, for those strong aromatic elements and spicy edge, unique only to the culinary delights of Old Siam? From mild to medium, to a plate of spiced fire, it’s on the menu at Deliveroo. We can satisfy Aberdonian cravings for delicious Thai food and bring the finest cuisine to your door. Thai style soups, creamy coconut curry dishes, stir-fried favourites and salads to die for—it's all here. Stay home and relax, choose a restaurant, and order now in order for us to deliver delicious Thai cuisine to your doorstep. Let us bring a little Asian takeaway spice into your home, with authentic Thai food offering something for everyone—meat-eaters, vegetarians, hot cravings or mild desires. 

From East to West, Thai cuisine offers authentic dishes with spring-fresh flavours. This is real Asian fare, delivered to Scotland's fine city of Aberdeen.  

Aberdeen's Love for Authentic Thai

Exotic Thai dishes fuse fresh herbs and add a delicate balance of subtle yet delicious spices to create true food harmony. This really is perfection on a plate. The sharpness of chilli combined with the sweetness of fresh coconut cream guarantees a beautiful balance that only Thai food has.  

It's no coincidence that Thai grub is now the fastest growing cuisine in Aberdeen. In fact, the Scots can't get enough of it. If you can't handle hot spices, don't worry, you don't have to go without. Non-spicy Thai starters and main meals are aplenty. Pad Thai, tasty red pork noodle soups and stir-fried rice dishes are firm favourites. And let's not forget Thai-style omelette with minced pork resting over a hot bed of steaming jasmine rice. This really is food to write home about. 

For Thai vegetarian dishes, your choices are endless. Spicy basil-mushroom is scrumptious, as is Thai-style Sweet and sour fried tofu. Stir-fried mixed veggies cooked in a light sauce is another favourite that goes down a treat with any spread. Whoever you are, whatever your tastes, you will find something to love in the exotic dishes from The Land of Smiles.