Sushi delivery in Watford

Something’s fishy in Watford. And what great fish it is, too. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate workplace dining, with food that’s immediately decadent and satisfying, but doesn’t lead you in a carb coma, a romantic dinner for two, or a party platter to be shared by twenty that everyone can enjoy, look no further than Deliveroo’s selection of takeaway sushi. You don’t even need to be particularly handy with a set of chopsticks.

With succulent slices of raw salmon, and rich, fatty tuna that simply melts in your mouth, and slightly sharp vinegar rice, just the right side of warm, punchy pickled ginger and nostril-clearing wasabi, eating sushi is an experience for all the senses. Light, but filling, and with the freshest of fresh flavours, it’s no wonder that sushi is getting more and more popular by the day. After all, it’s just the ticket for a great meal.

We’ve got a black-belt in sushi

Considering it’s made up of two main ingredients, fish and rice, sushi is an incredibly diverse food—there’s a whole world out there to explore. Whether you’re all about the fish, and eschew the rice in favour of thick slices of sashimi, or go for simple fingers of nigiri, or you’d rather have futomaki—giant rolled sushi stuffed with everything from omelette and pickles to fish—and California rolls, you’ll find something to love in the Watford sushi restaurant scene.

Fancy something to wash that down with? Japan’s home to some highly quaffable lagers and much more beside—as well as a burgeoning craft beer scene, you can’t forget sake. Whether you want it steaming hot, or ice-cold and refreshing, there’s a sake for you out there somewhere.

Sushi-lovers up and down the city can order restaurant quality sushi to their doors with Deliveroo’s takeaway service. We’re determined to bring you the biggest choice, and the best sushi. Whether you want a simple sashimi platter, or a colourful rainbow roll, we can bring it right to your door.