Sushi delivery in Portsmouth

If you are in the mood for something new in Portsmouth, try sushi. You may never have tried it before, you may even be a little hesitant to go for a change in your usual order. With Deliveroo, you needn’t be cautious! Sushi is one of those healthy, gourmet options that everyone should try at least once. If you’re going to order sushi, you want it to be great sushi, so don’t go to the typical takeaway or local supermarket for a bento box. You can get restaurant quality sushi to your door when you go online with Deliveroo.

Going for the simple things like maki (thin slices of fish and rice wrapped in seaweed) is the best sushi beginning for most. Make sure that when you order in, you choose the best. This healthy, delicate dish is packed with flavour and is complicated to make, so savour every bite!

Portsmouth: Fresh flavours for a port city

Portsmouth is a city of old with a long naval history so it’s no wonder that sushi is pretty popular here. With a long history comes experience in culture, and cultural changes. One of those changes is the now extensive range of cuisines Portsmouth has on offer and sushi is now one of them. Sushi is a popular choice with a business lunch as it is quick, clean and healthy.

Whether you choose to go for something brand new or stick to the old favourites, you’ll find something to love. Try out the tuna roll, which is very simply raw tuna, sushi rice and seaweed. Simple, yes, but delicious with every mouthful. The bittersweet taste of the vinegared rice combined with the vegetables will very likely overtake the taste of the tuna but for sushi beginners you’ll just love it! Graduate to nigiri and if you are feeling really adventurous, try ordering in the ika squid! This has a creamy texture and a sweet taste to balance the bitter sweetness of the sushi rice.

Sushi is an experience whatever your tastes happen to be. With Deliveroo the menu is at your fingertips and ready for you to order online, now!