Sushi delivery in Nottingham

Deliveroo know that the people of Nottingham will stand for nothing less than the best sushi. We’re talking killer California rolls, crispy tempura, the freshest yellowtail sashimi, and of course, plenty of sake. Even so, the sushi restaurant experience is never quite as good as the flavours it provides you with. With the endless stacks of menus, the loud, crowded tables, and the potentially long waiting times, you’d vastly prefer to eat your sushi at home.

If you’re craving not only fresh sushi, but a fresh sushi experience, look no further than Deliveroo. Our menu listings harness the vast selections of the most reputable sushi restaurants in the city, and our delivery team will bring your order to your door. Therefore, you can put your feet up and relax, because we’ve got all the hard work covered. Just make sure that the plates are ready!

Have the finest sushi brought to your door

It makes sense that sushi has become one of the hottest food items in England today, but this is no passing trend. Sushi has been around for thousands of years, honed in Japan. Its fresh, clean flavours exemplify all that is great about Japanese cuisine. Whether you prefer thinly sliced sashimi (raw fish or meat) or you prefer nigiri (which is placed on a small bed of rice), you’ll be able to find something to satisfy you with Deliveroo.

If you’re looking for a more modern solution to your sushi woes, grab a tempura roll, which has all the elements of classic sushi, and is sealed with deep-fried crispiness. You might even consider a dynamite roll to blow your whole perception of sushi sky high! Regardless, you’d be wise to pair your rolls with soy sauce and pickled ginger to complete the bite.

With Deliveroo, you don’t have to go to a restaurant to enjoy your sushi. You can concentrate on the nuanced flavours, right at your dinner table. Our dedicated delivery team are standing by, ready to bring your order. So, don’t fret over your chopsticks skills, crowds, or queues – we'll bring the restaurant-quality food to you.