Sushi delivery in Newcastle

What’s tasty, savoury, fresh and bite-size? Sushi, that’s what. And it’s now massively popular all over the UK, with restaurants in every major city. Newcastle has its fair share of great sushi restaurants, which is great news for hungry Geordies looking to tuck into their favourite tempura and hand-rolled dishes. Obviously pretty complicated to make at home, sushi is best made by expert chefs, so what do you do if you want restaurant-quality sushi but you don’t want to go out?

You order through us! Deliveroo and the best sushi restaurants across the city have teamed up to show you all their finest dishes. Order online and we’ll be flying your takeaway delivery right to your door, just as soon as we can. All of the enjoyment of top class food, and absolutely none of the hassle. Ideal if you want to just relax and enjoy your night in.

Newcastle: a city that takes its sushi seriously

If you’re just looking to order a slap-up sushi feast for yourself (and there’s nothing wrong with that), order some hand-rolled dishes. This is the classic sushi rice (flavoured with Japanese rice wine vinegar called mirin) and various ingredients all hand shaped into a cone. Easy to hold and eat, there are endless varieties of flavour combinations, using sashimi (raw fish), vegetables and egg.

Maki rolls are the classic sushi rolls, made by cutting a tube of rice and ingredients wrapped in seaweed (nori) and sliced into bite-sized disks. These are ideal to order if you have loads of people over, because they’re easy to share and everyone can taste all the different versions. Nigiri are the sushi and sashimi combination that a lot of people think of when they want some Japanese food. The oval balls of rice are covered in slices of sashimi, egg or ebi (prawn).

Also eminently shareable, tekka maki are tiny maki rolls, stuffed with just one ingredient. Usually you’ll find them with tuna (maguro), yellow pickled vegetables (takuan) and cucumber. If you want some fish but aren’t keen on the idea of raw, then stick to smoked salmon, octopus and eel. Yum!