Sushi delivery in Manchester

If you’re looking for raw talent in your takeaway, then check out the sushi menu section for Manchester for a fresh and deliciously different food delivery experience. There’s more top-quality sushi than ever before on offer across the city, and now you can get the crème de la crème delivered into your hands thanks to Deliveroo. Whether you’re craving crayfish or tempted by tuna, we’re sure to be able to meet your sushi requirements.

There’s much more to sushi than just raw fish, of course. The essential ingredient is the vinegar-infused rice that accompanies slices of seafood, vegetables and meat. As well as offering a range of delicious and often unexpected taste and texture combinations, sushi is a light, healthy, filling food that is perfect at any time of the day.

Manchester: The tastiest, freshest sushi the city has to offer

Whether you’re looking for fuel for a busy day, a romantic dinner for two or a party platter to be shared by a hungry group, sushi is an ideal takeaway food. In particular, it’s lighter and healthier than many alternatives, without skimping on taste.

Each of the different styles of sushi has something distinct to offer. There’s nigiri, where pillows of rice are topped with slices of fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Maki rolls add nori seaweed for taste, crunch and nutrients, while California Rolls have the nori on the inside and the rice on the outside, and a range of alternative ingredients such as mayonnaise and sesame seeds. For a more hands-on approach, meanwhile, hand-rolled temaki are a fun alternative that are perfect for social gatherings.

There’s also a good deal of variety when it comes to ingredients. While fish-lovers can enjoy their favourites either raw or cooked, meat-eaters are catered for by fillings and toppings such as teriyaki chicken and seared beef. Vegetarians are not overlooked, and they can sample the delights of cucumber or avocado rolls and omelette nigiri, as well as inarizushi; tempting pockets of fried tofu filled with rice.