Sushi delivery from London restaurants

Replace the usual stale takeaway options with the freshest sushi London’s restaurants have to offer, delivered direct to your door thanks to the capital’s Deliveroo sushi section. There’s more than a rice grain of truth in the claim that the city’s sushi chefs have more raw talent than you’ll find anywhere outside of the Land of the Rising Sun. We’ve brought the best of it together in one plaice, so all you need to do is order online and leave the rest to us.

Sushi is a surprisingly diverse food group, suitable for a wide range of occasions. It makes for a quick and filling lunch or snack, a luxuriously decadent dinner or a perfect buffet spread when entertaining a hungry group. Rather than wait for your favourite pieces to trundle round the conveyor belt of a sushi restaurant, you can relax at home as we bring it to you.

London: Flying fish - fresh sushi wings its way to you thanks to Deliveroo

There is of course much more to sushi than just raw fish, though freshly-sliced slivers of tuna, salmon and others are definitely central to its appeal. It’s the vinegared rice that’s the essential ingredient, though you can dispense with that too and opt for sashimi. A smear of wasabi paste and a splash of soy sauce are all that’s needed to set it off.
Meat eaters are not ignored, however, with options such as teriyaki chicken and seared beef on offer. For a truly luxurious sushi experience, meanwhile, you could opt for tender slices of premium wagyu beef. Even vegetarians are not left out, with rolls of avocado or cucumber and toppings of sweet omelette available.
Each style of sushi has something different to offer, be it soft pillows of nigiri, maki rolls wrapped in crispy nori, or the out-there California Roll with novel ingredients such as mayonnaise for a fusion experience. For a more casual experience, you can go for temaki hand rolls, which make for a great snack.