Sushi delivery in Liverpool

As one of the most popular cuisines in the UK, sushi restaurants can now be found in every major city across the country. Liverpool is certainly no different, and Deliveroo have teamed up with only the finest outlets to bring fine dining straight to your doorstep. With the Japanese delicacy producing some of the freshest and tastiest dishes around, an order with us is guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied.  

Despite the traditional raw fish-based dishes still readily available on the menu, sushi has developed considerably over recent years, and ingredients such as meat, vegetables and fruit have helped to offer some of the most unique and modern dishes around. So, whether you are a seasoned sushi eater, or looking to try something out of the ordinary, Deliveroo’s takeaway options have all bases covered thanks to some of the finest Japanese restaurants in Liverpool.  

Japanese delicacy across Liverpool

Sushi has gained such popularity thanks to its flavoursome dishes, many of which are served with the likes of pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. However, to get the very best tastes from East Asia, order from one of the many fine restaurants provided by Deliveroo, with no need to leave your house to enjoy perfectly prepared and delicate Japanese food. Sushi provides the perfect meal for any occasion; whether you are in the mood for a late night feast or looking to impress your guests, a delivery with us will certainly go down well! 

Meat lovers will certainly be in for a treat, with specialities such as chicken teriyaki and duck gyoza certain to tantalise the taste buds, while some of the most unique vegetarian dishes around mean that a sushi order with Deliveroo meets the needs of everyone.  

For those really looking to push the boat out, dessert options such as chocolate mochi and custard dorayaki will be unlike anything you have ever sampled before. Go the whole hog and order some traditional Japanese drinks, with asahi and Hakushika ginjou among the favourite beverages straight from the heart of Tokyo.