Sushi delivery in Guildford

There’s something really fascinating about sushi. Every single dish is like a little work of art. When you look at the carefully rolled seaweed, those little ovals of rice and the fine slices of fish it’s all quite amazing to think of how much care the chefs must take over food that’s only one bite. Well, if that has put you in the mood then you’d better have a look at our sushi restaurants and menus for Guildford.

The best thing about all this beautiful food is that you don’t need to trek out to a restaurant to enjoy it. Instead of all that fuss and bother, we’ll bring it over to you. At Deliveroo we’ve sourced some of the best restaurants around so that we can make great dining easy. Just pick out your favourite sushi dishes, place your order and get ready for an amazing takeaway.

Guildford: Excellent sushi available across town

It’s only right and proper that such a town as beautiful as Guildford has such a wealth of delightful foods on offer. The thing to remember about sushi is that you should take your time with it. Take time to choose carefully from our menus and then savour it when it arrives. After all, the specialist Japanese chefs take years to learn how to prepare these delicacies. (The only thing that won’t take time is our delivery!)

One dish that certainly shouldn’t be rushed is futomaki. This translates as “large rolls” because typically a futomaki will be around five centimetres wide. Interestingly, the fillings are carefully selected so that the colours, as well as the tastes, will complement each other. Sometimes these rolls include specially seasoned rib-eye steak, which should please any meat-eaters who are slightly unsure of all the raw fish involved in this cuisine. Then again, they can also be totally meat-free, so that vegetarians can enjoy everything from cucumber and lotus root to takenoko, which are bamboo shoots.

Whatever you decide to go for in the end, sushi has something for every palate and never disappoints. So, go ahead: mix, match and enjoy.