Sushi delivery Glasgow

Sushi is perhaps the most famous Japanese food. Despite the simplicity of ingredients used in its preparation, the high level of precision in its flavour and presentation creates a beautiful end result. Those who think that sushi is just rice in fish need to change their opinion.

Sushi comes in various varieties, based on different types of ingredients. The famous rainbow roll topped with avocado, assorted raw fish, crab, nori, cucumber and sesame seeds is topped with masago. It can also include avocados, scallions, asparagus, crab, cucumber, carrots and squash. It is seasoned it with sesame seeds, eel sauce, spicy mayonnaise sauce and cream cheese. Japanese restaurants add so many incredible ingredients to sushi that you’ll never get bored of this dish. Want to give it a try? Order now from Deliveroo’s online platform. It offers awesome top-quality takeaway sushi rolls for delivery to your home or office.

Glasgow: Sushi Rolls light and easy food for dull Winter days

When life is dull and boring, pep things up with a sushi roll. For most people, sushi is nothing but raw fish, rice mixed with vinegar and seasoning. However, it comes in so many varieties in itself that it can easily tempt anyone with its beautiful colours, aromas and presentation.

Runchy rolls are stuffed with masago, tempura shrimp, tempura flakes, cucumber and spiced up with mayonnaise sauce. A Manhattan roll contains masago on the outside and shrimp roll, lump crab and spicy mayonnaise sauce mixed with rice. A California roll (an American version of Japanese sushi) contains crab stick, sesame seed, cucumber and avocado mixed with rice. Then there’s electrifying eel roll that has scallions, cucumbers and eel mixed with rice. It’s seasoned with eel sauce and eel fish on the inside. That’s not all folks! There are hundreds of ways in which seasoned chefs prepare sushi rolls.

Whether you’re planning to enjoy your meal in your house or want to pick up delicious goodies from local restaurants, order incredibly tasty sushi rolls online now. Glasgow restaurants offer sushi takeaways for home delivery through Deliveroo!