Sushi delivery in Exeter

Sushi has long been popular in Exeter. Its fresh, unique flavours and endless varieties make for a food that is both novel and delicious. But how many times have you sat down at a sushi restaurant and been absolutely overwhelmed by the menu and all of its various choices? At a moment like this, don’t you wish you could have endless time to peruse the selections until you’re sure you’ve made the right decisions?

Deliveroo have good news for you: Now you can take all the time you want ordering sushi, via our online menu listings. You’ll still have the endless selection that you’d have at the restaurant, but you’ll be able to choose your takeaway options from the comfort of your own home. And, even better, you’ll be able to eat it there, too.

Exeter: Freshly-caught fish make magnificent sushi plates

If you’re anything like us, then your sushi palate covers every flavour profile, from the common to the extreme. That means that you like to order a California roll and a salmon maki, but that you also want to try the tamago, sweet and light egg omelette with nori, and the prawn ebi sushi as well. Go ahead and get it all! Deliveroo highly encourage sushi experimentation.

And if you’re really trying to complement your sushi with something authentic, you would be remiss not to order a Sapporo Japanese lager, or perhaps a bottle of sake. If you have guests, you might as well order two! If you’re going the alcohol-free route, there are also plenty of authentic hot tea options for you to choose from as well.

Once you come to your final decision and submit your order, we'll bring it straight to you as quickly as we can. Whether it's an after-work treat for one, or a delightful spread to entertain your friends, you can get it brought to you with no trouble at all. It’s that simple. So go ahead and see what Deliveroo can bring you.