Sushi delivery in Coventry

If you’re in the market for beautiful food that looks as good as it tastes then sushi is the ideal choice. This Japanese delicacy is extraordinarily aesthetically pleasing and, of course, it packs an incredible flavour too. Check out our sushi restaurant and menu options for Coventry and choose from a selection of delicacies.

Sitting and patiently waiting for that little conveyor belt to bring your sushi is now a thing of the past. You see, with Deliveroo we bring the best restaurant cuisine to your door. Therefore, the hassle of dining out is dispensed with, freeing you up to just relax and enjoy your meal. The way it works is straightforward enough – look through our sushi selection and choose from a range of delectable dishes. Then send over your order and get ready for us to deliver. This is no ordinary takeaway but something a little bit different!

Coventry: Superb sushi and sashimi

Japanese chefs train for many years to prepare sushi in the traditional way. It’s an exacting cuisine that requires patience and skill, and results in some quite astonishing dishes. In Coventry there are some brilliant sushi restaurants of a very high standard and we’ll deliver their finest food. With Deliveroo at your service, you know you’re in for a treat.

If you’re unsure of what to pick then norimaki are a classic choice. Norimaki, or nori rolls, are rolled parcels of sushi made using nori, which is simply dried seaweed. Cute little portions of special sushi rice are combined with vegetables and fish before being gently rolled in the nori and chopped into bitesize pieces. This is a good option for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike and can include everything from avocado to cooked tuna and raw salmon.

Of course the finely sliced raw pieces of fish are what come to mind at the mention of this cuisine. Sashimi is a delicious part of any sushi selection and is a real delicacy. Dipped in soy sauce and wasabi, the salmon is a particular favourite, having a divine quality not found in any other sort of food.