Sushi delivery in Cheltenham

For a fresh alternative to the typical takeaway options, check out Cheltenham’s Deliveroo sushi section. We’ve netted the very best range that Cheltenham’s sushi restaurants have to offer, and put them together in one place for takeaway delivery. All that remains for you to do is browse the selection on offer, decide what your catch of the day will be and order online.

Sushi is a surprisingly versatile and varied food, and can be just the thing on a wide variety of occasions. There are also many different tastes and ingredients to suit numerous palates. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite of lunch or dinner, planning a decadent dinner or inviting friends around for a party, there’s sure to be something that fits the bill. You can relax as we whisk sushi directly to your door.

Cheltenham: tuck into fresh Sushi at home!

While slivers or fresh raw fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel are certainly central to sushi’s appeal, they are not mandatory. It is the vinegared rice that gives the dish its name. Sliced fish can be laid on top of pillows of rice to form nigiri. All that is required is a smear of wasabi and a dab of soy sauce for a satisfying mouthful. Alternatively, the fish slices can be laid on a bowl of sushi rice, known as chirashi.

Maki rolls, on the other hand, feature a filling encased in rice and wrapped in nori seaweed, which is nutritious as well as delicious. Meat-eaters are not ignored, with toppings and fillings such as seared beef and teriyaki chicken also available. For vegetarians, meanwhile, there are maki rolls filled with cucumber or avocado and omelette nigiri.

For something that’s a bit different from the traditional sushi mould, meanwhile, there is the California Roll. Despite its name, it is believed to have been invented in Canada, and is an inside-out roll with seaweed on the inside and novel ingredients such as mayonnaise, red peppers and crabmeat.