Sushi delivery in Canterbury

Sushi is a cultural icon of Japanese food. Usually consisting of vinegared rice rolled in nori seaweed with various fillings, often raw fish, sushi is tasty and healthy. Here at Deliveroo, we bring you the most authentic sushi in Canterbury! Our sushi is freshly made to order from the city's best and most authentic sushi bars. From traditional makizushi rolls to chirashizushi bowls and nigirizushi balls, let Deliveroo make life easy by bringing you the best choice of authentic sushi to have delivered right to your door!

Forget picking up some takeaway supermarket cooked sushi in a rush after work. Here at Deliveroo, we can bring you every kind of sushi imaginable! Pick your type of sushi, choose your fillings, choose your garnish like pickled ginger or daikon pickled vegetables, and order the finest sushi from authentic restaurants straight to your doorstep!

Canterbury: Set-piece sushi in the South East

Modern sushi was created in Japan at the end of the Edo period, around the 1800s. The earliest mention of sushi in England appears towards the 1900s in various books and journals. Nowadays, sushi is often poorly imitated in supermarkets. For real, authentic sushi, look no further than Deliveroo!

Sushi is one of the trending cuisines of modern times, with several types on offer. Chirashizushi is a bowl of sushi rice with raw or cooked toppings like salmon or vegetables. Makizushi is the most famous variety, referring to the small rolls of rice and a filling encased in nori seaweed. Futomaki is a larger version of makizushi with several fillings. Nigirizushi are clumps of sushi rice with strips of fish or vegetables draped over the top. Oshizushi is a form of pressed sushi, where the rice and toppings are pressed into a large block and then cut into bite size pieces.

Here at Deliveroo, the possibilities are endless! Forget fake supermarket sushi. Save the stress of making your own. Deliveroo lets you choose real sushi made freshly to order by professional chefs ready for quick and easy delivery! So what are you waiting for? Irrashaimase (Welcome)!