Sushi delivery in Cambridge

Sushi and ramen have represented Japanese cuisine for decades. Travellers who’ve been to Japan might have tried the pleasure of batter-fried shrimp or raw fish there, but nothing beats the comfort of a delectable plate of sushi at home! Deliveroo offers you this luxury in Cambridge, in the form of lip-smacking Japanese delivery and takeaway. Just place your orders!

A simple dish made from rice and fish, it's surpising just how tasty Sushi is. Chief ingredients of this exotic food include seafood, mainly prawns, squid and tuna. It may include pickled vegetables, creamy sea urchin roe (uni) or plump and juicy sweet shrimps (ama-ebi) and a tangy egg omelette to make it more interesting. All these are tossed in together and served over vinegar rice (steam rice cooked in vinegar) or rice balls. Once you taste the sumptuousness of sushi, you’ll treasure its memories forever.

Cambridge: A student’s destination for tasty Japanese food

Cold beer and a piping hot bowl of scrumptious Japanese food is an evening ritual for students flocking in dorms. The eternally colourful Japanese cuisine is all about flavours, ingredients and cooking procedure. Traditional Japanese restaurants specialise in one item and prepare it in different styles, whereas modern-day joints cook Japanese food in regional styles.

So what’s on the menu? Yakitori (charcoal grilled chicken) on skewers (kushiyaki) seasoned to perfection with tare (sweet soy sauce) or shio (rock salt). There’s a fine selection of ramen (noodles in salty broth with vegetables, meat slices and other knick-knacks) and tempura (deep-fried vegetables and fish). Even sukiyaki (vegetables, bean curd and beef slices cooked in soy sauce and finally dipped in egg white) sounds delectable. Teriyaki is marinated meat seared on a hot plate, whereas takoyaki is octopus cooked in dumpling. Okonomiyaki (fruity pancake) and kakigori (shaved ice) are delicious desserts that you just can’t miss. The list goes on and on!

Whatever may be the case, you can’t resist grabbing a bite at Deliveroo; they have an assortment of restaurants that produce delectable dishes which leave you craving for more.